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Current Volume 7 & Issue 2 (Section A : Chemical Science)

Current Issue Date Feb. to April 2017

Current Volume 7 & issue 2 (Section C : Physical Science)

Current issue Date Feb. to April 2017

Anthropogenic emissions by sources of greenhouse gases (GHG) in the Industrial Processes and Product Use (IPPU) Sector in Togo

Kokou SABI ; ZIKPO Fo-Mè and AYASSOU Koffi

Pulping and Paper Making Process of Lucena Lucocephala (Subabul)

Anita Chouwey and Hemlata Raikwar

Waste water management

Anita Chouwey and Hemlata Raikwar

The characterisation of the abnormal contact Lower Miocene - Upper Campanian north of the flaw of the Lagoons: case of Wells Koute Abadjin (COTE D'IVOIRE)

Affoué Rachel KOUASSI, N’goran jean-paul YAO , Goha René BIE, Jean-claude Koffi N’ZI, Katel Kahou TOE BI , Elysée koré GUEDE, et Bruno Zéli DIGHEHI

Defluoridation by Different Modified Zeolite

S. Kumbhat, A. Prakash and M. Khichar