Current Issue

Current Volume 9 & Issue 1 (Section A : Chemical Science)

Current Issue Date 01-11-2018 to 31-01-2019

Synthesis of novel 1,5 bis-propargyloxy-sulfides via β, β’-dihydroxythioethers derived from epoxides

Abir Maazaoui and Moufida Romdhani-Younes

DOI:[DOI: 10.24214/jcbps.A.9.1.08894.]

Triton B promoted highly regio- and chemoselective ring opening of epoxides with 2-aminobenzenethiol under solvent-free conditions

Abir Maazaoui, Asma Hrizi , and Moufida Romdhani-Younes

DOI:[DOI: 10.24214/jcbps.A.9.1.06572.]

Molecular Modeling Study of PDE4 Inhibitors Based on Discovery Studio

Song Guoqiang, Chen Yifa, Feng xiaoqing

DOI:[DOI: 10.24214/jcbps.A.9.1.05564.]

Conformational Study on Various Dipeptides And Tripeptides Containing Cysteine: A DFT Approach

S. Subedi and H. P. Lamichhane

DOI:[DOI: 10.24214/jcbps.A.9.1.03554]

Current Volume 9 & Issue 1 (Section B : Biological Science)

Current Issue Date 01-11-2018 to 31-01-2019

Studies on The Antimicrobial Activities of Two kinds of Clove oil on Some Clinical Pathogenic Bacteria

Alzahrani K. K. , Alghabban A. M. , Alfadily W. A., Ghabban E. S.  and Algohari S. H.

DOI:[DOI: 10.24214/jcbps.B.9.1.10718.]

Phytochemical Screening and Quantitative Screening for Total Phenolic and Flavonoid Content in Taxus wallichiana Collected from Various Districts of Nepal

Sudina Bhuju, Janardan Lamichhane, Rajani Shakya, Nita Thapa, Dhurva P. Gauchan

DOI:[DOI: 10.24214/jcbps.B.9.1.08293.]

Effet du compost de JACADUR sur la fertilité du sol et la production du navet (Raphanus sativus)

Khamsa DIAKHATE, Mamoudou Abdoul TOURE, Sékouna DIATTA

DOI:[DOI: 10.24214/jcbps.B.9.1.06881.]

Current Volume 9 & Issue 1 (Section C : Physical Science)

Current Issue Date 01-11-2018 to 31-01-2019

Effect of (MnCl2.4H2O) Salt on the Mechanical Properties of (PVA) Polymer

Duaa N. Jasim, Sabah A. Salman, Asaad A. Kamil

DOI:[DOI: 10.24214/jcbps.C.9.1.08694.]

Effect of spray angle on the properties of Al-doped ZnO nanostructure, prepared by advanced spray pyrolysis deposition technique

Sameera Attanayake, Masayuki Okuya and Kenji Murakami

DOI:[DOI: 10.24214/jcbps.C.9.1.07885.]

High energy Gamma Irradiation processing of PVDF/BaxSr1-xTiO3 Bio-nanocomposite on Optical Properties

Farah T. M. Noori, Aws K. Mohammed, Sabah A. Salman, Hayder Saleem Hussain                                                                        

DOI:[DOI: 10.24214/jcbps.C.9.1.06777]

The Research on Comparative of BP Neural Network and RBF Neural Network on Model Predict

Bi-ying Zhou, Peng Zhang

DOI:[DOI: 10.24214/jcbps.C.9.1.04247.]

Current Volume 9 & Issue 1 (Section D : Environmental Science)

Current Issue Date 01-11-2018 to 31-01-2019

Water Quality of Lake Badovc by Some Microbiological and Physico-Chemical Parameters

Ibush Luzha, Sabrie Spahiu,  Milazim Shabani

DOI:[DOI: 10.24214/jcbps.D.9.1.10616]

Fouling Control by New Egyptian Natural Sources in Marine Aquaculture

Samia Kh. Hamdona, Amaal E.A. Abo Taleb, Dalia M.S.A. Salem and Hermine R.Z. Tadros

DOI:[DOI: 10.24214/jcbps.D.9.1.09205.]

Assessment of physico-chemical characteristics of water samples in Lakhimpur district (Assam), India

M. Buragohain, N. Kakoti, P. Sarmah, B. K. Pegu, S. R. Mahanta, Y. Hassan

DOI:[DOI: 10.24214/jcbps.D.9.1.08191.]

A Review on Role of Cattle Dung and Urine for Sustainable Soil Management

P.K.C. and S. Pandey

DOI:[DOI: 10.24214/jcbps.D.9.1.07480.]

Indoor Air Quality in Hospitals: The Case of Kastamonu- Turkey

Sevik Hakan, Isinkaralar Kaan, Isinkaralar Oznur

DOI:[DOI: 10.24214/jcbps.D.9.1.06773.]

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