Section B : Biological Sciences

Current Volume 9 & Issue 2 (Section B : Biological Science)

Current Issue Date 01-02-2019 to 30-04-2019

Demersal fish assemblages of trawlable grounds in the Côte d’Ivoire continental shelf (West Africa)

Kouadio Fréderic KOUAKOU, Soumaïla SYLLA, Stanislas Silvain Yao & Stanislas Arra

[DOI: 10.24214/jcbps.B.9.2.20115.]

Data from bottom trawl surveys off Côte d’Ivoire were analysed to examine patterns on Côte d’Ivoire’s continental shelf of groundfish assemblage structure and diversity in relation to depth. The 31 hauls from the shelf surveys spanned between 10 and 100 m in depth.  A total of 82 demersal fish species belonging to 44 families were caught. Based on Classification and ordination method, fish fauna can be grouped into three assemblages: shallow, intermediate and deep assemblage. Assemblage I (Shallow) comprises the strata with depths 10 and 25 m include Selene dorsalis, Pseudotolithus senegalensis, Trichiurus lepturus and Grammoplites gruveli. Assemblage II (intermediate) includes the strata with depths between 25 and 50 m, characterised by Pagellus bellottii, Epinephelus aeneus, Raja miraletus and Grammoplites gruveli. Assemblage III (deep shelf) contains the depth strata between 50 and 100 m, characterised by Pagellus bellottii, Pseudupeneus prayensis, Selene dorsalis, Raja miraletus and Grammoplites gruveli. Grammoplites gruveli and Raja miraletus was relatively abundant throughout the depth range sampled. The stratum of 25 to 50 m appeared to be a transition zone between shallow and deep shelf fish fauna. Different statistics were used to assess diversity of the demersal fish assemblages on the continental shelf. The analysis of bottom trawls revealed that, in general, species diversity, richness and evenness more or less uniform at shallow and deep shelf but marked at intermediate shelf.

Plant species distribution and their relation to soil properties in Shada Mountain and wadi Sagamah at Al Baha area, Saudi Arabia

Mohammad. A. Al- Zubaidi, H. S. Al-Zahrani1, Hameed Alsamadany

[DOI: 10.24214/jcbps.B.9.2.21627.]

Soil and flora in Shada Mountain and wadi Sagamah at Albaha area, Saudi Arabia that located in South Western of Saudi Arabia was investigated to study the relationships between soil properties and plant types. Results showed that two types soil units in study area, foothill, and coastal sand dunes and were found. Soil texture in foothills & coastal sand dunes was sandy & sand loamy it was loamy, Bulk density Silt and clay values ranged from 0 – 13.9 g/cm3, whereas real density Fine sand varied between 1.18 - 33.1 g/cm3. Total Coarse sand values ranging from 60.4 - 97.42 %. pH Values ware 7.3, 7.6 and 8.8 for three soil units mentioned respectively. These results indicating that soils were moderately to strongly alkaline. E.C values ranges from 0.52 to 5.2 Desm. /m. indicated that soils were normal to high sainality, organic carbon it was low in sand plains, O.M values ranges from 0.8 to 3.1 %. Sodium and potassium was very highly concentration near The Red Sea (0.5 ml/g), also k, Ca, B, Mg, Fe ware highly (0.12,0.12,0.0.1,0.02 and 0.0.7) respectively. Aerva javanica, Cassia etalica, and Solanum incanum in foothills and down the mountain and Wadi area. Soil types at the study area were determined to be sandy immature soil. Their horizon sequences were described as surface, subsurface and bottom layers, sand dunes were characterized by a relatively high calcium concentration in the soil horizons.

Psychosocial profile of patients with epilepsy and multiple sclerosis - comparative analysis

A. Shopova , R. Kuzmanova , S. Shopova , T. Todorova , J. Jordanov ,K. Kmetska 

[DOI: 10.24214/jcbps.B.9.2.22841.]

Epilepsy and multiple sclerosis are common chronic neurological diseases with high social significance, associated with an increased risk of social dysfunction. The objective of this empiric study is the specific psychosocial profile of patients with epilepsy and multiple sclerosis to be created and concluded, as the results of both disorders are compered in parallel. 60 researched individuals aged from 22 to 76 took part, 30 of them are diagnosed with epilepsy and 30 with multiple sclerosis. 4 self-evaluating questionnaires are used, that are adapted and validated in Bulgarian Language: Rosenberg scale for measurement of global self-esteem, social embeddedness, Brief Fear of Negative Evaluation Scale, and the University of California Los Angeles Loneliness Scale. It is not found lowering of self-esteem in both disorders, even in patients with multiple sclerosis it is allowed aggravating of positive self-esteem in comparison to patients with epilepsy. It was found that there are positive correlations between the rating of fear of negative self-esteem and loneliness and an inverse relation to the sense of loneliness and the extent of social embeddedness, as well as the level of self-esteem and the experience of negative evaluation fear. These relations of psychological functioning are similar for both groups of patients in the research. The different nosology of both chronic suffering does not pre-determinates the type of experience for social embeddedness. The expansion and enhancement of the study would make more precise the overall psychological profile of people who suffer these chronic diseases.

An experiment was conducted to study the effect of nitrogen and potassium on insect pest infestation of two stored garlic varieties. The garlic genotypes were grown at the of Spices Research Center, Bogra during November 2000 to March 2001 and stored in the department of Horticulture of Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh, Bangladesh during the period  from April , 2001 to October, 2001. The experiment consists of two garmplasm i.e. Accession G19 and G20 with four levels of nitrogen (0, 100, 200, 300 kg N/ha) and potassium (0, 100, 200, 300 kg K2O/ha). The three factorial experiment was laid out in a randomized complete block design with three replications. Results demonstrated that there was significant variation present among the studied treatments. The study result showed that the maximum percentage of insect infested bulbs (21.28) was observed from the combination of accession G20 with 0 kg N/ha and 0 kg K2O/ha, whereas the minimum percentage was obtained from G19 with 100 kg N/ha and 200 kg K2O/ha and G19 with 200 kg N/ha and 2000 kg K2O/ha.

Comparison of Protein Composition from Sperm Probe with Other Biological Materials by Combining of Several Methods for Assay. A Pilot Study

Iskra V Sainova, Tzveta Markova, Angel Baldzhiev,Angel Alishev, Marin Nenchev

[DOI: 10.24214/jcbps.B.9.2.25159.]

The main goal of the current study was connected with general investigation on the importance of different intra- and extra-cellular inter-molecular interactions, underlining the cellular morphology, functions, growth, proliferation and differentiation directions. Protein composition (types of proteins and eventual protein-protein interactions) in mammal sperm fluid as a biological material, for which is proposed to be supplemented with different molecules, responsible for the control in the life processes of the male germ cells, was isolated and investigated. The protein content was subsequently compared with that of other biological materials, containing previously low-differentiated normal adult stem/progenitor cell types, as well as with protein extracts from anatomic organs from adult mammals, containing normal cell types in different stages of maturation and differentiation. Combination technique of label-free LC-MS/MS assay and 3D-visualization of biological objects, combined with laser irradiation was applied. In this way, possibilities about more precise identification of the changes, occurring in different phases of living processes, on cellular, tissue, organ and organism levels were revealed. The results obtained confirmed the importance of the various inter-molecular intra- and extra-cellular interactions in cascade regulatory pathways, underlining the cellular functions and differences between the separate cells, tissues and organs. Also, a possibility for application of cryo-protector Dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) as activator of fusion between separate cells was suggested. These features suggested a possibility for application of this organic detergent for transfer of appropriate nucleotide sequences by fusion between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells and/or between cells and viruses.

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