Section A : Chemical Sciences

Current Volume 9 & Issue 2 (Section A : Chemical Science)

Current Issue Date 01-02-2019 to 30-04-2019

Study of Kinetics on SLS Surfactant Synthesis from the Waste of Pulp and Paper Industry (Black Liquor) for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)  

Slamet Priyanto , Tutuk Djoko K , Bambang Pramudono, Edi Untoro and  Puspa Ratu 

[DOI: 10.24214/jcbps.A.9.2.10514]

The need for surfactants in Indonesia was increasing in accordance with the development of the industry, but was not balanced with the rate of surfactant production. An alternative material that had the potential to make surfactants was biomass waste containing lignin, for example Black Liquor. High lignin levels in Black Liquor could be used as raw material for making Sodium Lignosulfonate (SLS) surfactants. Anionic surfactant formed from the reaction between lignin and Sodium Bisulfite (NaHSO3) with hydrophobic hydrocarbon chains (tail) and HSO3 ions - as a hydrophilic group (head). This study studied the kinetics synthesis reaction of the formation of Sodium Ligno Sulfonate (SLS). The study was carried out using the UV-Vis Pharco-300, # Serie 15111155, with a wavelength of 288. The equation for the decrease in bisulfite concentration followed the equation y = - 0,0002 x + 3,2497, with R2 = 0,9985. Using the best Fourier Transform Infra-Red (FTIR) Spectrophotometer spectrum instrument obtained in accordance with the SLS spectrum of pure Lignin with commercial Sodium Bisulfite. The reaction formed followed first order (excessive lignin to Sodium Bisulfite) with the reaction rate constants (k) as a function of temperature obtained by the Arhenius equation, k = Ae-E / RT. Collision factor (A) and Activation power (E) could be calculated by experiment by making a relationship between conversion (X) lignin to SLS, at various temperatures (T): 60, 70, 80, 90oC with variations in reaction time, (t): 2, 3, 4, 5 hours, at the weight ratio of lignin: bisulfite (w / w): 1: 0.2, 1: 0.3, 1: 0.4, 1: 0.5. Decreasing the concentration of bisulfite could be evaluated using UV-Vis equipment. A = 0.019475461, (-E / R) = -1434,6

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