Vol. 1 & Issue 1 ; Section C : Physical Sciences

Date : May. to Jul.2011


Rheological analysis on different oils use in tyretread cap compound

N.Kumar ,R.K.Khandelwalal,P.L.Meena K.S.Meena,T.K .Chaki andD.K .Mahla

  • Abstract

    Rheology is principally concerned with extending the "classical" disciplines of elasticityand (Newtonian) fluid mechanics to materials whose mechanical behavior cannot bedescribed with the classical theories. It is also concerned with establishing predictions formechanical behavior based on the micro- or nanostructure of the material, e.g. the molecularsize and architecture of polymers in solution or the particle size distribution in a solidsuspension. Materials flow when subjected to a stress that is a force per area. There aredifferent sorts of stress (e.g. shear, torsional, etc.) and materials can respond in variousways. Thus much of theoretical rheology is concerned with the forces associated and externalapplied loads and stresses, and the resulting internal strains. The object of this study is toinvestigate the relaxation time (k) and the viscosity index (k) Min TQ. (lb-in) and Max&

Rain water harvesting in Indore City: A demanding need for sustainable development

Dheeraj Mandloi, Deepak Khare and Teena Pareek

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    almost double the amount of water needed five years back. With urban India growing by leaps and bounds, it is expected to experience a severe water crisis by 2020 and the per capita availability of water is projected to be less than 1,000 cubic metres. By the year 2020, says a World Bank report, most major Indian cities will run dry. India's supply of water too is rapidly dwindling primarily due to increasing population, mismanagement of water resources, although over-pumping and pollution are also significant contributors. Water security, like food security, is becoming a major national and regional priority in many areas of the world. The shortage of water points to a grim situation as it is bound to adversely affect economic and agricultural growth too. Not long ago, most of our cities were selfsufficient in meeting their water needs from the extensive urban water bodies. Today, these water bodies have

Nitrate contaminations in ground water of villages of Deoli Teshil (Tonk District) Rajasthan

K.S. Meena, R.K. Gunsaria ,N. Kumar , P.L.Meena R.R.Meena andKanta Meena

  • Abstract

    Ground water analysis of 130 villages of Deoli Teshil was carried out during 2008 – 2011 to evaluate the physicochemical characteristics of water. Water sampling was made on mayjun. 2009 and analysis of water samples done by using standard methods.The result shows that nitrate concentration ranged from 4to 320 mg/L2. High nitrate concentration makes the ground water unsuitable for drinking purpose. Permissible limit of nitrate is 40-50 mg/L by WHO. High nitrate levels in water can cause methemoglobinemia or blue baby syndrome, this condition is found especially in infants under six months age.

Electrical transport in three different citrus fruitjuices; bitter Lemon, Grape and sweet O

S. S. Oluyamo

  • Abstract

    The electrical properties of three different citrus fruit juices (i.e bitter lemon, grape andsweet orange) were investigated at electric field values 0.05-3.00 V/m. Fresh and certifiedripe samples of the fruits were obtained and the juices extracted using suitable juiceextractor. The current through the samples were found to increase gradually with voltagefrom minimum to maximum values. A small current through all the samples at low voltagesbelow a critical point (i.e. decomposition potential) was observed in all the samples. Theaveraged decomposition potentials for the three samples were 0.56 V, 0.45 V and 0.30 V forbitter lemon, grape and sweet orange juices. The conductances of the three samples werealso found to increase with increase in volume. This is an indication that the concentration ofthe samples increases with increase in volume. The sweet orange sample had the highestvalue of the de

Magnetized anti-stiff fluid cosmological models in lrs bianchi type v universe with time dep

Atul tyagi and Gajendra pal singh

  • Abstract

    Some LRS Bianchi type V cosmological models with electromagnetic field and perfect fluid source obeying the equation of state p = ργ where 0 ≤γ ≤ 1,with time dependent cosmological term and variable magnetic permeability are investigated. For the complete determination of the models we assume that the expansion θ in the model is proportional to the shear σ. The magnetic field is due to an electric current produced along x-axis. Thus F23 is the only surviving component of the electromagnetic field tensor. Physical and geometrical features of the models are also discussed

Synthesis and antimicrobial studies of biologically potential M

Deepak Khare, Sheela Joshi and Dheeraj Mandloi

  • Abstract

    Mannich reaction is the key step in the synthesis of numerous pharmaceutical and natural products. A large number of Mannich bases continue to be synthesized to explore their biological potential, there is an additional effort to look for variations in the execution of Mannich reaction. Due to active hydrogen, 5-chloro-2-methoxy benzamide (substrate) undergoes Mannich reaction. The pharmacological effectiveness of substrate and sulphonamides prompted us to introduce the sulphonamide moiety into the compound, which may furnish products with enhanced therapeutic potency. The Mannich bases of this compound have proved to be more effective and less toxic antibacterial agent. The purity of formed novel Mannich bases were checked by thin layer chromatography and the chemical structure of newly synthesized Mannich bases were confirmed using elemental analyses, UV, IR and 1H NMR spectroscopy. All synthesized Mann