Vol. 1 & Issue 2 ; Section C : Physical Sciences

Date : Aug. to Oct.2011


La2O3 as a sub-nanometer thick dielectric

A.Bahari and A. Ramzannezhad

  • Abstract

    The current level of integration of CMOS (Complementary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor) devices or other devices with an ultrathin gate dielectric layer requires a high-k dielectric material instead of silicon oxide film. We synthesized La2O3 with sol-gel method and studied its structure by using SEM (scanning electron microscopy), EDX (energy dispersive X-ray) and AFM (atomic force microscopy) techniques. The obtained results show La2O3 can be as a good gate dielectric material to replace SiOfor the future of CMOS.

Optimization of Chitinase Production Using Statistics Based Experimental Designs

Sudhakar.P and Nagarajan.P

  • Abstract

    Statistics based experimental design on chitinase production by Serratia marcescens was optimized in solid state fermentation using Plackett-Burman design and Response surface methodology. The important medium components identified by initial screening method of Plackett-Burman were colloidal chitin, yeast extract, MgSO4.7H2O and KH2PO4. Plackett-Burman Pareto chart illustrates the order of significance of the variables affecting the cellmass production. Central composite response surface methodology was performed to evaluate the effects of temperature, pH, inoculum size and substrate concentration on production of chitinase by Serratia marcescens was studied using sugarcane bagasse under solid state fermentation. Statistical analysis of results showed that, the linear and quadric terms of these four variables had significant effects and evident interactions existing between pH and substrate concentration were found to contribute to the response at a sig

Residence Time Distribution Studies in Miniature Pipes

Suleiman Mohammed Al-Abry, L Nageswara Rao and Shaik Feroz

  • Abstract

    The research work is focused on the residence time distribution (RTD) studies in small pipes using pulse input technique. The extent of dispersion is expressed in terms of dispersion coefficient (DL). RTD studies are carried out by tracer analysis and DL is estimated using axial dispersion model. Laminar flow in short pipes follow pure convection model but the experimental data in the present study is found to be in good agreement with axial dispersion model. The variance and dispersion coefficients are estimated and the effects of flow and geometric parameter on dispersion coefficients are studied. In scope of present study, the dispersion coefficient is found to increase with an increase in velocity and length of tube but the effect of pipe diameter on dispersion coefficient is found to be marginal.

MHD Free Convection Slip Flow In The Presence of Thermal Radiation and Ohmic Heating with Dufour Effect

Anil Sharma and Komal Choudhary

  • Abstract

    In the present paper MHD convective slip flow in the presence of thermal radiation and Ohmic heating with Dufour effect is to investigate. It is assumed that no electric field is present and induced magnetic fields is present and induced magnetic fields are neglected. The governing equation of motion and energy are solved analytically. The result of the study are discussed with help of graph.

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